Haitian American Music & Food Festival.

The Palm Beach Haitian American Festival strives to promote the Cultural Value of Haitian Customs, such as Dress, Food and Drink, Language, Craftsmanship, Entertainment and Travel. Opportunities for Good Fellowship through Haitian Cultural Events such as Festivals, Concerts and Dances. Preservation of Haitian Cultural Artifacts for Future Generations. Education of the Palm Beach County Public concerning contributions by the Haitian People to the American Heritage. We give back to our community through donations to various charities of our choosing as well as partnership with other Not-for-profit organizations for fundraising.


  1. To promote growth and advancement of Haitian new and upcoming Musicians/Artists
  2. To promote a strong competitive environment in the community for new and upcoming Musicians/Artists
  3. To discover, orientate and support new talented Haitian Musicians/Artists
  4. To prepare and promote new Haitian Musicians/Artists to a professional and successful level
  5. To guide, advise and mentor new Haitian Musicians/Artists in an effort to help them become betterorganized


The Palm Beach Haitian American Festival is organized by Kreole Kamp INC., a non-profit organization. Kreole Kamp INC is an organization that has been organizing events like Music Festivals and other community programs. Kreole Kamp is strategically located in Palm Beach County; Florida's thriving Festival Market. Kreole Kamp is structured to welcome every possible demographic and cultural group sharing a passionate interest in Haitian Music, Food and Culture.

South Florida Fair
Jul,03 2021

9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411